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1955 Triumph 5T Speed Twin – The lights are going dim at high revs?

If they run off coil ignition, then the fault lies in the alternator. These are accurately set and need specialist work. If they run off a dynamo, check to ensure the cutout box is working correctly.

1960 Velocett Viper

The lighting is very poor. At normal running speeds, with the lights on, the ammeter registers a 2-amp discharge and after 30 miles the lights have failed completely?

The Miller voltage-regulator cartridge is at fault. Under normal circumstances the load should more than balance at average road speeds. There is no point in changing to the equivalent Lucas lighting set, because both the miller and Lucas sets have a normal output of 60 watts.

6T Thunderbird (1955)

There is excessive noise coming from the engine. It seems to be coming from the timing gear?

Check the cam wheels. If there is clearance between the teeth, this is due to wear and they must be replaced. Other checks to be made are, the condition and concentricity of the cam bushes, and the state of the tappets and valve gear. Valve gear must be replaced as sets, as a worn pinion will rapidly wear out a new one.

1974 Norton Commando MK2 A

There is excessive oil consumption?

The normal escape route for the oil is either down the valve guides, or up the cylinder bores. If it isn’t dripping out of the cases, check all these areas.

1956 BSA B31

It starts ok when cold, but will not re-start when hot. When it has cooled, it starts?

The problem is the magneto fading out as it warms up. This is common and is often caused by old age. Other possibilities are over-tight valve clearances or the fuel supply is failing, due to the lack of float vent.

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